Eagles Wings Discs

Eagles Wings Disc Golf Takes Flight

Jim Schultz (Turlock, CA) and Bill Schultz (Ventura, CA) unveil an exciting new program to promote volunteerism in the disc golf community. This past summer we took a team of 20 teens and adults to El Monte Conference Center in Ticuman, Mexico, to design and develop the first 18-hole disc golf course in Mexico. We named the course “Eagles Wings” and out of that project the Eagles Wings Disc Golf program was born. The design for the Eagles Wings discs (by Nathan Skinner) came out of a desire to create an image that captures the inspiration of the eagle whose message of strength and hope are so beautifully portrayed in Isaiah 40:31.*

Help us help others. To read more, check out our mission statement links.


Over the past 6 years our teams of volunteers have done disc golf clinics for over 800 kids at camp and school programs.



Our teams have helped trim, mow and clean up at our local courses.


We have raised funds to design & develop new courses in the US & Mexico.

Eagles Wings course in Ticuman Mexico

Koinonia Camp
Amealico, Mexico

Koinonia Camp Little Girl

Koinonia Camp Group Shot

Jim Putting

Leviathan Course in Ludington MI
Reviewed on DGcoursereview.com

Leviathan Tractor

We have raised funds for the design and development of the following courses:

  • “Lake Ann Camp” in Lake Ann, Michigan
  • “Goliath” in Ludington, Michigan
  • “Leviathan” in Ludington, Michigan
  • Most recently, “Eagles Wings” in Ticuman, Mexico (2010, 2011)
  • "Koinonia Camp" in Amealico Mexico (2012)
  • Hume Lake Camp (2012)

We have had the privilege of working side by side with over 120 volunteers who have given over 2500 hours of their time and talents.


This past year (2012), companies like Innova, Discraft, ABC Discs, JBird Discs & Final 9 Sports, along with many other individuals, have donated over 600 new & used discs to our program. Thanks to all who have helped in our program. We leave hundreds of discs at each camp to ger their program going.

We’re going back to Mexico in July of 2013. We will be building our third course in Mexico at Word of Life Camp which sees over 1800 students annually. If you would like to donate discs to our program please send them to:
Eagles Wings Disc Golf
c/o Jim Schultz
1930 Asbury Ct..
Turlock, CA 95382

Isaiah 40:31
“…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Other Upcoming Projects for Eagles Wings

  • October 2012: Putting in 1st 9-hole disc golf course in our home town of Turlock, CA!
  • November 2012: Upgraing the disc gold course at Jenness Park Camp in Coldsprings, CA.
  • Spring of 2013: Finish redesigning the Hume Lake course & Silver Spur Camp course.

To check out more info on the EAGLES WINGS  course at El Monte Conference in Ticuman Mexico (WEC International) go to” ElMonteMexico” on Facebook.